Safety and security
We have incorporated extensive safety and security features in the design of our centre and have rigorous procedures in place, to ensure that your child is kept safe in our care.

  • Child-proof doors, controlled entry and exit points,  to help ensure that no person can enter or leave our premises without the full consent of our staff.
  • A detailed registration form to ensure that strict procedures are in place for other family members and friends you may wish to nominate to collect your child.
  • All rooms designed with safety in mind. 
  • Comprehensive records are on-site for every child in our care.
  • A daily record system covering attendance, meals, sleeping patterns, activities, incidents, accidents, nappy-changes, sickness, medicine administration, and many more areas, to help you and the health board to monitor our standards.
  • Very high standards of hygiene and maintenance to ensure a safe, clean environment for your child.   
  • Off-road parking at our centre to make it safer and easier for you to drop off and collect your child.


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