Health & Nutrition
Educating your child's palate

At Scallywags, we understand how important it is to establish good healthy eating practices at a very young age.  We believe in providing highly nutritious, good quality meals, not only for your child's health and physical wellbeing but also to develop their taste buds and social skills involving food.

  • We prepare all our meals on-site in our purpose-built, Health Board-approved kitchen, run by our qualified cook.

  • Our menu is varied and we use fresh produce where we can.  We use only ingredients of the highest quality.

  • Whether a baby or in Pre-school, we will provide your child with all the nutrients they need in delicious meals served in a stimulating environment.  We have designed our menus to consider all the different stages of your child's development.  Our menus follow the food pyramid, which is the definitive guide to ensuring your child gets all their daily nutritional needs.

  • We fully supervise all snacks and mealtimes, to provide a safe, positive and cheerful environment where your child can enjoy their food in an unhurried fashion. 

  • We will adhere to individual food choices or dietary requirements your child may have, where possible.

  • We will let you know each day exactly what you child is eating on our menu sheet.

At Scallywags we pledge to provide the very best nutrition for your child, so that it may be one less thing for you to worry about.



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