Complimentary Services

1. Baby Supplies
Scallywags also reduces the worry and stress out of trying to remember supplies for your baby as we provide each child with their own:                

  • Cotton Wool
  • Nappy Bags
  • Bibs
  • Blankets & Bedding

2. Settling in Hours
Scallywags welcomes parents to leave their child in the centre for short periods of time one week before your child starts with us. This settling in period allows you and your child to familiarise yourselves with the centre, staff and other children. The duration of the settling in period is 10 complimentary hours but is solely at the discretion of the manager of the centre. The settling in period is always the week before the commencement date and is free of charge.

3. Nutrition
Scallywags believes that nutrition is an integral part of your child’s development. Our team has put together,healthy recipes that are nutritious and of course delicious for your child. 

4. Morning Refreshments
Scallywags understands how busy family lives are, and the mornings can be the hardest of all.  So in the effort to get everyone off to a good start we offer our children, breakfast.

5. Daily Report Sheets (Baby Room)
Everyday you will receive a written report detailing your child's day.



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